Case Study

Profi laboris

Profi laboris offers its clients a unique digital archive accessible via the web

Profi Laboris

Technical inspection firm Profi laboris processes up to a thousand documents per day. Fast browsing through digital archives was the company’s priority, but offering this functionality to customers enabled them to fully support their needs. Thanks to the unique digital archive provided by Canon’s Therefore, which can be accessed by third parties online, they managed to attract new clients and retain several key customers.

  • Simplified work for employees and less time needed to find documents. 
  • Digitized document archive available to employees and customers via the Therefore Portal. 
  • Lower costs and faster access to documents. 
  • Documents and digital archive are now much safer, yet still accessible.


A robust document management system that can be used to archive paper documents related to a company’s core business and enable customers to access these documents.


  • Storing and enabling access to extensive paper documentation for employees and customers via the web
  • Increased security
  • Timesaving

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