Digital Transformation in Industrial Automation: Festo Production Bulgaria

Festo Production Bulgaria faced the challenge of meeting the growing need for digitalizing business processes. But they discovered a unique way to meet their challenges.

Festo Production Bulgaria

The main advantage of the company's digital transformation with the Canon Therefore solution is that employees can now focus more intensely on the company's core activity.

The First Steps on the Path to a Solution

In early 2018, Vladimir Velkov decided the company was ready for a new digital era. Over approximately three months, they engaged in preliminary market research to identify top-tier providers. Throughout this process, their quest was to find solutions that could effectively meet their four fundamental requirements:

  • Software flexibility
  • Responsive and efficient support
  • Compatibility with the Windows operating system with support for their virtual servers and
  • Online access.

Festo Production team meeting

Successful Therefore Integration

In early 2019, the integration of the Therefore system with other systems used in Festo began. They faced challenges related to the company’s existing systems throughout the implementation, particularly software incompatibilities. However, they managed to overcome these hurdles.

Today, they have effectively modernized the management of fixed assets, the sample production process, the approval of business trips abroad, the order approval process, personnel documentation management, and invoice processing.

Advantages Brought by the Canon Therefore Solution

The main benefit of the company’s digital transformation is that employees can now focus more intensely on the company's core activity: producing excellent components and systems. Apart from that, the asset management process has become significantly faster, and traceability has improved. Sample production has accelerated while paper consumption has drastically decreased. Last but not least, employee productivity has noticeably risen.

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