Case Study

Canon CEE deliver document and information management

Canon CEE initiated organizational process enhancements in order to fully automate and gain oversight and achieve business process improvements

Canon CEE is an organization managing 25 countries, that is why fast information exchange is crucial to keep productivity and efficiency of administrative processes high. The challenge was to make business processes in finance and marketing more streamlined, transparent, and aligned with modern office requirements. The goal was to implement an automated workflow by using Canon’s own solution Therefore, which would help gain greater control over marketing and advertising spending through an automated authorization process.

Therefore’s automated workflows changed and simplified the way we do business. We already plan to expand it to other departments and pursue the ultimate goal of digitizing all business processes.


Improvement of business processes to gain better control over marketing spend through fully standardized and automated document authorisation process.


  • Overcome manual and time-consuming document approval processes
  • Enable invoicing with audit trail and status overview
  • Fast, monitorable processing Traceability of documents and search capabilities

Therefore has helped the finance department to significantly reduce paperwork, and gives us an instant overview over the status of invoices.

Therefore saves time, it’s very reliable and it’s fully transparent. It just helps keep our things organized.


  • Standardized automated document processing across Canon CEE
  • Increased employee productivity and reduced processing time by 15%
  • The reviewing status can be tracked at all times
  • Easy access to payment status
  • Pre-defined approvers ensure the document is always reviewed by the correct people
  • Mandatory fields in forms ensure all required information is provided Full audit trail and archiving

Case Study Canon CEE (EN)